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First off, it depends on whether your browser has frame capability or not. If you are viewing the site with frames, you should have a toolbar on the right of your screen. At the top of the toolbar, there should be a blimp with a box around it; when you click on this, it should automatically take you back to the main page. On the bottom of every sub-page, there should be a blue blimp with text underneath saying "Go Back to the Kamikaze Homeland" this also should take you to the main page (mainly for viewers using a browser that cannot view frames).

Unfortunately, since we are unable to spend a large quantity of money, the cool people at Tripod are hosting this page. Every time a page loads, a separate browser window should pop-up; that has the tripod advertisement. The best way to do it is, let the advertisement load once and then minimize it so every time you view a new page, it does not keep popping-up.

If your browser does not support frames, when you visit the site, it should come up with a screen telling you how much your browser sucks and asking you to click on the text that will take you to the non-framed site.

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